C o n t a c t

Salam! Peace! Please take time to read before contacting us...

Designing takes time, gear and efforts, It is therefore not free.
We only provide soft copies (computer files), always in high printer's resolution.
Please send no "t at to o" requests : This is not our field of expertise.
We do not provide heart-shaped designs.

W H A T      Y O U     N E E D       T O       K N O W
  • Standard Arabic cannot convey all letter sounds. G (as in goP and V are the main ones for which alternative letters must be used, usual J for the first, B and F for the others.
  • Arabic language uses different verbal and adjectival forms according to gender (feminine or masculine) and number (single, dual(!) or plural). Please give all necessary details to ensure correct translation. For example : "Be well" will be differently translated depending who the wish is addressed to : a man, a woman, a couple, a group of more than two persons counting at least one man, and finally a group of more than two persons counting exclusively women.
  • Arabic calligraphy is the most unrestricted type of calligraphy. Letters are freely shaped, arranged, disposed, rotated, distorted, so they make a very artistic work (see zoomorphic calligraphy). It also uses many different scripts. That's why there can be so many different Arabic calligraphy designs for the same word or expression.
  • Someone might look at some calligraphy and wish they could have their own designed the same way but with a different text. Unfortunately this isn't possible. Every word transcription (to Arabic) will use a determined set of Arabic letters and in a specific order. Therefore designs will be different, and some may look more harmonious than others.
W H A T      W E     N E E D       T O       K N O W
  • Please give as much details as you can about what you want.
  • For phonetic transcriptions (Transliterations), and if you think a name or a noun can have more than the one and obvious pronunciation, please do your best to communicate the right phonetic transcription too. Consider this :  Is Megan pronounced May-ghun?, Meg-un? or Mee-gun?
  • If you know the right Arabic transcription (with Arabic alphabet signs) do not hesitate to mention that  as well. 
  • Also let me know if you wish to have your design shaped in any form (heart, circle...) or just on in a straight line.
  • If you're planning to have your design printed please let me know the proportions or size of your poster and whether you will be using colours, grey-scale tones or just a dual colour print.
  • Good projects start with good briefs.

W H A T       W E      D O         P R O V I D E

  • Our Blog services are open to All, we take any orders as long as they are morally acceptable.
  • We do reserve to ourselves the right to refuse or delay dealing with any requests.
  • We only provide soft copies (computer files), always in high printer's resolution.
  • If you need a particular file format just ask, we certainly have that.

  • You only pay if you like the job.
  • All designs are initially watermarked. 
  • High resolution unmarked image are sent after payment notification
  • We only accept Paypal payments.
  • Complex and/or Business designs will be provided against a predefined fee.

  • N O T E

  • AC4U in no way related to any organization of whatever kind. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed all works we design remain our property. 
  • All privacy issues must be discussed in due time. 

Just get in touch with us, we sure can work it out.